Sunday 16 June 2013

So what is happening at the competition?

Well, 15 Years set dances are almost finished, 17 & 18 Years are primping and preening for their chance on the stage and the 16 Years are loitering near marshalling wondering if it will be their turn soon.

Lots of stretching, wig rearranging and last minute costume modifications, glue and thread abound and fight for prominence in the restyling competition.

Yes, ChaosCentral is a tad bored...."but there is so much great dancing to watch", we hear you say;  there is, but other things are on our mind, such as why has the technology held up perfectly so far?

The vendors are still here selling last minute requirements and the canteen will be open until long after ChaosCentral has departed.  No news on cut price specials yet, but yesterday's chocolate crackles have been finished - and they were very good too :)

And now the 16 Years have been called to marshalling for their set dances.  And the MC has advertised for cakes and drinks from the canteen - slow news day!