Saturday 22 June 2013

Gourmet food update

Where to begin!!!!

There is so much amazing food to be had, soups lovingly hand-crafted by the talented Miss Bernadette, slaving over a hot stove for *days* to have the hot, steaming delights ready for this weekend.  And all the time, she was giving dancing lessons to small groups at her home, in the kitchen no less.  Then, she transported the important kitchen implements and stoves to the hall at Rockdale to continue teaching and cooking, al so that you could have the wonderful soup on a cold, wet Sydney day.  She probably even organised it to rain too :)

Then there are the sweet delights, served by the sweet delights.  Home made scones with jam, coconut cup cakes, slices, cakes, jaffles made to order, Irish sausage sandwiches, cooked by a real irishman too!

And more - just take a walk out to the side and see what is on offer.  If you are yet to travel out, plan on not eating dinner, just get your food here.  If you are coming tomorrow, don't have breakfast, but dine at Miss Bernadettes Feisty Cafe and Salon de Dance.

No chocolate crackles though :(