Sunday 16 June 2013

Welcome to Sunday at the Gold Coast International

Another glorious Gold Coast day greets visitors and competitors as they slowly get back into feis mode after a relaxing Saturday night.  The vendors are set up, the hall is filling and the practice area is lively with the sounds of dancers.  The adjudicators have just arrived and are settling in, and ChaosCentral is warming up the hardware.

LiveCam and (of course) LiveCommentary are online and we should be underway with the 13 & 14 Years this morning, two very large sections that will carry us through to lunch.

Due to flight timetabling, ChaosCentral will leave the feis around 1600 today, which means that there will be no photography of the final sections of the day, the 17 & 18 Years....unless the feis runs really early :)