Saturday, 8 June 2013

Welcome to Saturday at the McAleer Feis

A very crisp morning greets us in Frankston - it is actually colder in the hall than outside as the heating is yet to take effect.  However some hardy souls have already braved the elements for a morning constitutional - ChaosCentral's spys noted that our musician, Sean O'Brien, was up with the early birds and having a run along the bay - keeping company with all the Tour de France aspirants all along the roads :)

Today is a very full schedule and we look forward to some wonderful dancing from the younger age groups.  As this is written, the canteen is yet to open and the cappuccino cart is yet to arrive.  But never fear dear reader, on your behalf we will seek out the bacon and egg rolls and cappuccinos and sample them just so we can bring you a first hand gourmet food update!

Today's dancing schedule is as follows:

  • 0930 Under 11 Boys, Under 10 Girls
  • 1100 Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls
  • 1245 Lunch & Results
  • 1330 Under 9 Boys, Under 9 Girls
  • 1430Under 8 Girls, Under 7 Girls Under 6 Girls, Under 7 Boys, Under 5 Mixed
  • 1545 Under 15 Boys rounds 1 & 2, Under 12 Girls rounds 1 & 2
  • 1730 Results, Minor Champion of Champions, Dinner break
  • 1830 Under 15 Boys set dance, Under 12 Girls set dance
  • 1930 Under 15 Girls
  • 2130 Results, Junior Champion of Champions