Sunday 9 June 2013

So, where are we up to in the feis?

We appear to be around 60 minutes late, but then we have an auditorium packed to the gills with friends, families and all sorts who are here to watch some fantastic dancing.

The 20 Years & Over Ladies (OAP) and 15 Years & Over Men are on stage, not at the same time of course!!  The men have finished their hard shoe round and the ladies are powering through theirs.

ChaosCentral is seriously considering string and jam tins for communications, because Telstra is next to useless in the auditorium and Optus IS useless.  The fact that anything is getting through is more down to good luck than good engineering.  Still, only has to hold together for another few hours.

Because the link is so bad, we don't expect to put this afternoon's photos up until all the rest go to very late tonight :(