Saturday 15 June 2013

Feis update

The Oxenhams have, again, triumphed in keeping ChaosCentral fed and watered with chocolate crackles and chardonnay - not both at the same time though :)

At last, the air conditioning has been switched off so the arctic breeze blowing over us all day has subsided and we are now enjoying a pleasant early evening.  Plans are afoot to organise a ChaosCentral  Invitational Feast after the competition today - all we need are participants who want to go out for a lively meal.  It would help if they could also advise us where to go; the Bavarian Beer Cafe has been recommended.

In feis related developments, the 19 Years are going to do their soft shoe round, followed by the 20 Years & Over, then the set dances for the 19 Years and then the second round for the 20 Years & Over followed by the set dances for that age group - or something like that.

AND....  a person taking a video has been formally and publicly cautioned - without naming them - and the audience reminded of the rules!  And the dancers are now back on stage...