Sunday 16 June 2013

Feis update

We are running along nicely, although just slightly late.  This could be because of the several restarts due to shoes falling off, laces becoming undone and dancers being MIA.  In any case, the hall has a nice quiet buzz to it, nothing to annoy the adjudicators, but enough to be certain that everyone is awake.

The canteen is doing a roaring trade - ChaosCentral has seen the home made cakes and assorted comestibles and they look really wonderful.  People are voting with their taste buds too!

Outside in the real world, it is warm and sunny and many of the dancers are taking the opportunity to take selfies - balancing phones on milk cartons and hoping for the best; the guilty parties know who I mean :)

As mentioned earlier, ChaosCentral must make their escape from the feis today before the end of competition.  Unfortunately, this is because of airline scheduling issues.  We are travelling with Qantas who, once again, is flying to the Gold Coast.  However, in their wisdom they decided that the last flight to Sydney should be at 1840 rather than 2030 as in the past.  And with urgent early morning meetings in Sydney on Monday, ChaosCentral is left with no alternative.....sorry :(

In other feis related news, the 13 & 14 Years Intermediate treble reel dancers have been called to marshalling.  They will be followed by the 14 & 14 Years Open sections, then presentations.