Saturday, 29 August 2009

Set dances are about half way through

And now the hall is filling with the remaining age groups - there are frocks and make-up for the 17 Years through to Open Senior, although the sections are quite small.

We are running behind time as the adjudicators asked for the 14 Years dancers to dance two at a time, rather than three at a time.

There are quite a few visiting resting dancers, familiar faces who haven't danced recently but who could, if asked, get on stage and do a quick jig. Mostly they are from the older age groups and it is nice that they have come to support their friends.

Gourmet food report - there is none! Small note to people who manage events and sites - Irish Dance parents are well known for their love of good coffee; if you don't supply it within your venue, it is possible to hire a van who will provide it at no cost to you. The Claddagh Feis does this very successfully. Just think of how much happier patrons could be and also think of what sort of commission you could make at no cost to yourselves?

And now extend that concept to good food.....