Saturday 23 August 2014

Welcome to Saturday at the NSW States!

A wet, windy and cold day greets us this Saturday morning, and people are filling the hall, leaving dripping umbrellas behind in the lobby.  The stage is being vacuumed, sweeping is not enough for the State Championships, and a good haul of diamantes is expected :)

Todays sections and numbers are as follows:
  • Junior Girls 11 Years Championship, The Harry McCaffrey Memorial Trophy & the Geraldine French Tiara Round 1 - No 8, 35 competitors
  • Junior Girls 12 Years Championship, The Gaelic Athletic Association Trophy & the Donna Reilly Tiara, 22 competitors
  • Intermediate Boys 13 Years Championship, Cannon Family Shield donated by Donna Reilly-Cannon ADCRG Proudly sponsored by the Penrith Gaels Club, 4 competitors
  • Intermediate Girls 13 Years Championship, Frank & Bobbie O’Brien Memorial Trophy and the ME & FM Fahey Memorial Tiara Proudly sponsored by the Penrith Gaels Club, 36 competitors
  • Senior Boys 16 Years Championship, The Darcy Franklin Memorial Trophy, 2 competitors
  • Senior Girls 16 Years Championship, The Aisling Society Trophy & the Leanne Ney Tiara Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Claro Memorial Trophy, 18 competitors
  • Junior Mens 17 Years Championship, James A Carroll Memorial Trophy donated by Genevieve Carroll TCRG, 2 competitors
  • Junior Ladies 17 Years Championship, The Amy Viles Memorial Trophy & the Sheary Family Tiara, 17 competitors
  • Junior Mens 18 Years Championship, The Joyce Trophy donated by John Joyce TCRG, 1 competitor
  • Junior Ladies 18 Years Championship, The Marcelle Bird Cup & the Hilda Walton Memorial Tiara, 12 competitors
LiveCam is now online, but sound is muted until the competition gets going!