Sunday 31 August 2014

Welcome to the 2014 NSW State Ceili

After a week of Sydney collectively treading water, we arrive at the Bankstown Sports Club to two surprises; warm-ish sunny weather and, an even bigger surprise, the Sports Club theatre has been renovated!  So instead of rows of tables, we now have theatre seating as in most auditoria, leading to some interesting seating, dressing and organisational issues... :)

Still, we have a late start which is always appreciated on a Sunday morning!

Our adjudicators are:

  • Catherine Cosgriff SDCRG (VIC);
  • Charmaine Chase ADCRG QLD; and
  • Gabrielle Hall SDCRG (VIC)

And our music is by electronic device...

The proposed timetable is:
  • 1030 - Under 18 & Open
  • Results
  • 1300 - Under 15
  • Results
  • 1430 - Under 12
  • Results
  • 1630 Under 10
  • Results
So, as usual, there is a flurry of activity as dancers get ready...

And there are other things happening too...

After all that, the Senior teams are now in marshalling and dancing...