Sunday 24 August 2014

Welcome to Sunday at the NSW State Championsips

A glorious sunny Sydney winter's day greets us at the venue and, as we enter the hall, the gentle aroma of the chemical used to repair the hole in the floor wafts across to us.  Also, the outside doors are open, so the interior temperature is somewhat antarctic - we are hopeful that is will warm up as the day progresses.

In any case, the hall is now filling with the smiling faces of the younger sections and their support crews and we are looking forward to a wonderful day's dancing, culminating with the OAP section and then the Dance of Champions.

Todays projected timetable is as follows:

9.00am 12 years & under Boys 10.00am Sub Minor Girls 7 years & under
Sub Minor Girls 8 years
1.00pm Presentation 12 years & under Boys Presentation 7 & 8 years Girls
2.00pm Ladies 19 years

Senior Men 20 years & over
Senior Ladies 20 years & over
5.00pm Presentation 19 & 20 years & over 6.00pm Dance of Champions