Saturday 16 August 2014

Feis update

Well, what a catastrophe is has been at ChaosCentral :(

Just after the morning's streaming of the Ceili dances, the Telstra internet modem decided that the internet was no longer available.  Hence the 1300 presentations being streamed via our MacBook Air...through a 3G phone - jerky, but at least there.

In the interim, we have been taking photos and, when possible, trying all combinations of tricks to make the Telstra modem work, including (and we are not kidding), throwing it on the ground several times at the foot of Sean, our wonderful musician.   No, it wasn't a petulant offering to a God of music, just an attempt at percussive maintenance in case something was loose....

Anyway, eventually just gave up and left it alone.  And now, after an hour of nothing in particular, it has once again decided to work...but for how long?