Saturday, 18 August 2012

Welcome to the 2012 ACT State Championships

What a wonderful Canberra day we have!  Yesterday it snowed and the promises of certain Canberra teachers to provide warm, sunny weather for ChaosCentral looked in doubt.  Today as we arrived at the venue, Dickson College, our fears were allayed - the snow has gone to be replaced by clear skies and warm sunshine.

Back in the real world, it is cold and overcast, but inside the hall is wonderfully warm and inviting.  There is an excellent canteen set up at the back of the hall and everything is in full swing.

Our adjudicators are:

  • Janice Currie Henderson ADCRG (NSW)
  • Christine Ayres ADCRG (VIC)
  • Conor Hayes ADCRG (VIC)
Music is by iDevice.

Participating Schools in this competition are:
  • The Liz Gregory Academy
  • The Simpson Academy
  • Scoil Rince Tir an Oir