Sunday 19 August 2012

Feis update

With the soft shoe round over, there is time again for a break.  The adjudicators were seen leaving the building for a stroll in the Canberra sun - and there is some too!  The canteen is dispensing gourmet delights, including table service, or at least delivery, for the popular and queue-forming toasted sandwiches.

And for some reason, the chocolate crackles aren't selling well, although one adjudicator was spotted eyeing them with intent :)

The very excited sub-minors are clustering around the marshalling area, ready for their set dances and in many cases, they are accompanied by younger siblings who look envious and wanting to dance as well.

The adjudicators have returned, the sound of the St Patrick's Day set dance music is drifting through the air, now the Blackbird makes its appearance (musically, not ornithologically) and we are ready to go.

Results and presentations look to be sometime around 1200.