Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Great Cupcake disaster of 2012!!!

As is our wont, ChaosCentral was languidly stretched out across a number of seats towards the rear of the hall.  As it happened, those seats were occupied by Siobhan White or, more accurately, her cupcake, which she had placed there for safe keeping as an energy boost or treat after her hard shoe round.

Of course, ChaosCentral was unaware of the prior location of said cupcake, and in the process of disporting across the chairs, also caused an unexpected and undesired change in the shape and location of said cupcake.  But only became aware of that when Siobhan innocently enquired "Are you sitting on a cupcake?"  Of course, the immediate answer was "No", but after 10ms of checking it was changed to "Oops!"

So, another ChaosCentral triumph and an additional skill to the resume - Cupcake Destroyer to the ID community.

The photo shows Siobhan bravely continuing to her hard shoe round after the terror of the event.
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