Saturday 11 August 2012

Gourmet food update

As our guest commentator has temporarily fled the scene, the usual management is back in control.

So, what has been happening?

Well, dancing and lots of it.  The hall is quite full but there is still plenty of seating.  Those travelling here are advised that they *can* park in the car park next to the centre as the three hour limit expires at 4PM today.  So, stay as long as you like :)

The hall is warm and comfortable and there is a canteen on the premises, as yet unvisited by ChaosCentral, so no gourmet food update yet....but people are welcome to bring in their own food.

Breaking news:
The guest commentator has returned with a mini Gourmet Food update - tea and coffee is available at prices that would not be met by the meaning of the word "moderate" - $3 for a tea-bag and water....there is percolated coffee at the same price.  So, bring your own supply of lattes and cappuccinos....