Saturday 11 August 2012

A belated welcome to the 2012 NSW State Championships

Today we are at the wonderful Art Deco Hurstville Entertainment Centre for the NSW State Championships.  It is a very windy day outside, but inside it is warm and inviting.  Te stage is excellent, the hall has plenty of seating and the atmosphere is wonderful.

A little later we will get the usual section statistics up for your edification, but at the moment , we are flat out trying to get multiple technologies to work in a short time and little space :)

So, the important matters.....

Our adjudicators are:

  • Grainne Feely ADCRG (Ireland)
  • Cathy Crocker ADCRG (Queensland)
  • John Carey ADCRG (England)
Our musician is Cormac O'Se (USA formally Ireland)

And we have in attendance the Patron of the Australian Irish Dancing Association Inc, Mrs Janice Currie-Henderson.