Saturday 16 July 2011

Feis update

The 11 Years and 12 Years Premiership dancers are now on stage doing their hard shoe round.

The technical gremlins have been quelled for a while and we will have LiveCam of the presentations but not marshalling. Tomorrow we will have both!

Gourmet food update
Keeping up a long standing tradition of honour and good taste, there is a bountiful supply of chocolate crackles at this feis. And a tuck shop, a cappuccino truck and a BBQ wafting delicious aromas into the hall.

The hall is, as usual, providing a feast of weather conditions. Mostly those towards the polar extremes. Every years the organisers ask that the heating be made available and checked, every years they are told all will be well and every year those who have attended come with rugs and doonas. Today is no exception :)