Saturday 30 July 2011

Feis update

The hall is now quite empty compared to earlier.  With only the more senior age groups dancing, the large crowds of the morning have dissipated and only the hard-core families and friends are left.  Still, this is some of the best dancing that can be seen in NSW, so the audience is being treated to a tour-de-force by the dancers on stage.

Gourmet food update
Very little to report here....the canteen within the centre does a sterling job at cold drinks, sweets, chips and the like, but over the road is where the real gourmet action is to be found; although I didn't see anyone with chocolate crackles.  In breaking news, ChaosCentral has heard that chocolate crackles are being made - even as we speak - by a Simpson dancer in the ACT.  Perhaps they are preparing a horde for ChaosCentral's visit next week for the Feile Tir an Oir?