Sunday, 31 July 2011

Welcome to Sunday at the NSW State Championships

ChaosCentral has braced the wilds of the far and untamed south of the Sydney basin, has brought their passports and had their visas stamped at the border, and once again ventured into the "Shire" to bring you all the news that's fit to print - and the usual stuff that we do as well!

Sunday has dawned bright and fresh and the Entertainment Centre is warm, the hall is filling and the anticipation is clear on the faces of parents and dancers.  And there are still no chocolate crackles :(

Today's dancing program is as follows:

0830 Junior Girls 11 Years
         Junior Boys 11 Years
         Minor Boys 9 Years
         Minor Boys 10 Years
         Sub Minor Boys 7 Years
         Sub Minor Boys 8 Years
1130 Presentations and lunch
1230 Junior Girls 12 Years
         Junior Boys 12 Years
         Senior Girls 15 Years
         Senior Boys 15 Years
1545 Intermediate Girls 14 Years
         Intermediate Boys 15 Years
1745 Presentations and dinner
1830 Senior Men 20 & Over
         Senior Ladies 20 & Over
Presentations & Dance of Champions