Saturday 16 July 2011

A belated welcome to the Claddagh Feis

ChaosCentral has, literally, only just stepped off the plan from the shaky isles (Christchurch to be specific) and is now peddling as quickly as possible to get the show on the road.

So, a wet and cold Saturday in Sydney, wether reminiscent or Ireland in winter so therefore perfect conditions for an indoor feis. And here we are!!

Todays dancing programme is as follows:
0900 - 11 & 12 yrs
1230 - 9 & 10yrs
1615 - 15 & 16yrs
1815 - Results for 15 & 16

The adjudicators are Vicki Paulin ADCRG (VIC) replacing Paula Doyle ADCRG (Auckland) who became suddenly ill and couldn't attend, and Alison Kerr ADCRG (VIC). Vicki Paulin is now officially known as the "Rescue Adjudicator" as she has answered the cry for help on other occasions :)

Music is again by iTunes.