Friday 2 October 2009

Welcome to Fantastic Friday!!

Once again, the hall s alive with the sound of dancers practising for their sections. Today there are two solo sections, the 15 Years and the 18 Years. The 15 Years has 90 dancers and the 18 Years has 38 and it is great to see the large numbers in the older sections.

Geelong has turned on an overcast day, quite cool and with a light breeze. The forecast is for rain later, but we will be inside watching the dancing with good access to hot food, so who cares what it is like outside?

After such a big night last night, the sound of parties could be heard from the Chifley at Geelong right down to Torquay, with winners and others celebrating their success or just the fact that the frocks & wigs were over and the socialising could begin. Also of note, several prominent teachers were spotted doing a late night Maccas run, which shows the stress of competition affects us all.

Stay tuned as we bring you the (un)important updates and news of the day :)