Sunday 4 October 2009

The venue is now in wind-down mode

Vendors and dancers must vacate the warm-up hall by 1500 as it will be the location of the Dance Extravaganza. So, parts of this area are being dismantled around us and the live commentary nerve centre is at serious risk of being deprived of its sumptuous fittings and we may have to resort to sitting on the floor by a power point.....hang on, that is what we do now.

In the recall hall, the carpet squares covering the wood playing surface are being removed and the seating is stacked into columns. In an almost surreal scene, Simpson dancers are practising their dance drama weaving in and out of the columns of chairs as if they were dancing in an Irish forest.

The live commentary team will be closing for the day, and the whole competition, around lunchtime. It has been a long but enjoyable competition and, in reality, there is little to say about the teams other than they are dancing. So rather than bore you with smalltalk, we will take the opportunity to enjoy the sun, see the sights of Geelong and be back in time to photograph the presentations and the Dance of Champions.