Friday 2 October 2009

Today's dancing schedule

Senior Boys 15 Years are competing for the Sean Gilroy Memorial Trophy and there are four dancers in this section.

Senior Girls 15 Years are competing for the Cec Cocking Perpetual Trophy and the Hilda Therese Walton Tiara (1st Place) and the Felix "Rocky" Burns Memorial Trophy (2nd Place) and there are 90 dancers in this section.

Junior Men 18 Years are competing for the Tiernan Memorial Trophy and the County Offaly Belt (1st Place) and the Bill & Mae Ayres Memorial Trophy (2nd Place).

Junior Ladies 18 Years are competing for the Gerard Berne Memorial Trophy and the Arthur Gilligan Memorial Tiara (1st Place) and the Gaelic Club Trophy (2nd Place).

Dancing is scheduled to start at 0800 with results and presentations at 1415. However, every day so far has run early, with last night running 90 minutes early - unheard of for Irish Dancing!!! So the presentations and results may be earlier, keep your fingers crossed.