Sunday 4 October 2009

Welcome to Serene Sunday at the Nationals

Sunday morning has dawned, bright and sunny and, for some, much earlier than expected. Daylight saving started this morning at 0200, so if you are relaxing in bed whilst reading this, GET UP - YOU ARE LATE!!!!!

Today we are serene as we have teams - lots of teams, more teams than you could shake a shillelagh at. At 0900 we start with Open Age Girls 4 Hand Ceili (67 teams), then Mixed (16 teams), then 8 Hand Girls (29 teams), then mixed (12 teams), then Intermediate Figure Dance (5 teaqms), then Senior Girls 4 Hand Choreography (16 teams), then mixed (6 teams) and finishing with Senior Figure (7 teams).

So, as the icicles slowly defrost in the poorly named warm-up hall and the temperature crawls upwards towards double digits, we welcome you to the final day of the live commentary. Please all give a virtual round of applause and thanks to Liz Davis who yesterday, single-handedly, kept the live commentaty going all day whilst your regular correspondent was in meltdown with his daughter's dancing day!

And a small administrative note - there will be no live commentary of either the Dance of Champions or the Dance Extravaganza (previously known as the Ceili), but there will be photos at at sometime during the following 12 hours.....

So, settle back and relax for teams day!