Saturday 5 March 2016

Welcome to the 2016 AIDA Graded Competition and St Patrick's Day Premiership

The first NSW competition for the year has arrived and we are lucky that global warning has provided a warm weekend at Cranebrook High School.  Of course, that comment may come back to haunt us if the hall overheats during the day!

Because of a late start (LiveCommentary slept in...), dancing is already underway...but here are the important details:

Our wonderful adjudicators are:

  • Christine Portbury SDCRG (Victoria)
  • Elizabeth Howe ADCRG (South Australia)
Music is by iDevice...

We are running on time, the hall has plenty of room and the canteen is fully stocked...more reports on all these areas...and photos, later :)

The 11 & 12 Years dancers have finished their Graded dances and are now doing their Premiership rounds, results are due around 1030.