Saturday 5 March 2016

2016 has arrived and LiveCommentary has awoken from its slumber :)

Happy New Year to all the readers of this peripatetic collection of musings at Irish Dancing competitions...and we are off for another year's adventures into timetables, results and interesting photos.

2016 will see some changes in LiveCommentary and LiveCam.

Firstly, we won't be attending every competition in NSW but will be at all the major competitions.  Secondly, LiveCam will only operate at major competitions.  There are a number of reasons for this change, including the rise of social media as a more appropriate and available channel for communication of results and photos, the stunning increase on the cost of running LiveCam and some of the technology requirements for LiveCommentary, and because almost nobody watched LiveCam unless it was a major competition.  So, some realistic adjustments have to be made :(

Photography will continue as long as we are welcome at competitions and our photos will remain free.  Julia will be taking the better quality dancing photos at some competitions; she has the photographic skill and the dancing experience to take far better photos than I, so remember to thank her when you see the great photos :)