Sunday 6 March 2016

Gourmet food update

Today, ChaosCentral has sampled the canteen's extensive menu...several times.  The bacon & egg roll was wonderful; the loose-leaf tea (gently constrained in an artisan muslin-like flavour-enhancing enclosure) was served in the finest faux-china which was made from free range and organic trees, responsibly harvested by lumberjacks only dancing to jig-time music.  A chocolate brownie was just delivered and, whilst clearly not a chocolate crackle, it did live up to the marketing hype from the CousensPalmer FlimFlam marketing agency.

All the food is highly recommended and, buyers with a keen sense of timing should be able to pick-up a bargain once the half-price sale is announced; purchasers are advised to consume their goodies as soon as possible :)