Sunday 14 June 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Hills Feis

A belated welcome as ChaosCentral slept through two alarms!  But the joy of living five minutes from the venue means that we are onsite before the first presentations.  And even more of a shock, the venue is at the same high school Julia attended...

It is a chilly Sydney day, but the hall is well heated and the canteen appears well stocked, more details on that later.

Our adjudicator is Mary Grantham ADCRG (VIC) and music is by i/e device :)

Today's dancing schedule is:

  • 0815-1030 7 & 8 Years
  • 1030-1330 9 & 10 Years
  • 1330-1445 6 Years & Under
  • 1445-1715 11 & 12 Years
  • 1715-1945 13 Years & Over

So, a long day ahead, but a great venue and lots of fun to be had.