Saturday 7 March 2015

Feis update

The Seniors have had their moment in the sun and now the stage is being swept of the little souvenirs they left behind.

The show is about to get on the road for the 13 & 14 Years, we are around 45 minutes late.

However, the adjudicators have dined on gourmet food from the marvellous canteen, probably from the hidden menu only available for special guests :)  They look ready and raring to go.

ChaosCentral can vouch for the tea, coffee and hot dog offerings.  Sadly, not a chocolate crackle to be seen, but caring parents and dancers have kept us supplied with home-made brownies which were quite delightful.

To get a good feeling for the feis, why not combine reading these assorted rantings with the audiovisual experience of LiveCam at  That way, you will be perfectly up-to-date with the feis, hear the ambience of the venue and also watch dancers as they move through marshalling.