Saturday 3 November 2012

Premiership dances are now starting

Normally, in ChaosCentral's experience, that means they dance a hard shoe round, a soft shoe round then a set dance.  However, in this competition the various age groups and levels will only dance two rounds each;  we think they will each do a soft shoe round and a set dance (traditional or own choice), but we could be mistaken - it has happened before :)

The hard workers of the feis (Bronwyn, Catherine and Colbee) have been provided with tea and a wonderful array of cakes which most of them have resisted for some time.  Very strong willed.  We will report back if anything changes in that area.

Gourmet food update
Despite the canteen having a wide range of home made goodies, not a chocolate crackle has been spotted all day.  This is causing a significant impact on the CCFI (Chocolate Crackles Futures Index) and that may, in turn, have an impact on the RBA's base rate decision next Tuesday.  Remember, you heard it here first.

Back in the real (feis?) world, the dancing continues with the Adult age groups dancing soft shoe rounds in their Premiership, three at a time on stage.  We appear to be running on time and expect that presentations will be sometime around 1745.

However, nobody seems to be watching LiveCam - viewership peaked at the dizzying heights of six viewers for the teams presentations and slumped to two (one of them being us) since then.