Sunday 4 November 2012

A belated feis update

We are enjoying many rounds of hard shoe dances as we meander towards the Premiership dances - the recipe for the Premiership is steeped in time and lost in legend - and certainly lost on ChaosCentral who completely got it wrong yesterday; or always :(

At some point the dancers will do their Premiership rounds, which will consist of a soft shoe dance and a set dance - or not - and then they will receive their results.  All we actually know is that there is a posse of stuffed animals hiding under the trophy table and the talk of the 12 Years & Under is that they are highly sought after.

Our guest commentator(s) appear to be lost to us, possibly seduced by the cake and cheese, too busy doing scrutineer type things or just too scared to put finger to keyboard (being the modern equivalent of quill to parchment or the later pen to paper).

And as we enter this information, we have moved into the set dances...