Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Welcome to the National championships 2012

A beautiful day greets us in Adelaide - warm, possibly very warm, and sunny - such a big change from yesterday!

We are set up and ready to go, all systems are functioning at last.  The dancing Pandas just introduced us to the Adjudicator draw, which will be a daily feature at around 0815CST.

LiveCam will be back online for the Opening Ceremony, around 1300CST and then the presentations following.  LiveCam will not be broadcasting during the dancing.

The facility comprises two large halls, divided by a floor to ceiling sound-proof solid wall.  In Goyder South, their is tiered seating as well as seating on the floor level.  In Goyder North there is floor level seating but with good views for everyone.

The adjudicators for the championship are:

  • Danny Doherty ADCRG (England)
  • Eugene Harnett ADCRG (Ireland)
  • James McCutcheon ADCRG (Scotland)
  • Kathleen Maguire-O'Shea ADCRG (England)
  • Owen McAuley ADCRG (Scotland)
  • Theresa Kinsella ADCRG (England)
Our musicians are:
  • Liam O'Sullivan (England)
  • Sean O'Brien (England)
  • Paul O'Donnell (Ireland)
  • Anthony Davis (England)
Stay tuned for a great day's dancing!