Thursday 27 September 2012

Timing update :(

We have gone from (technically) 80 minutes early to 45 minutes late.

The dancing finished 80 minutes early and there was hope at ChosCentral that the show would be on the road nice and early.  However, it was just announced that the recalls would start at 1230CST as the adjudicators from the teams hall are required for the recalls......

Plenty of time to get lunch, have a game of hockey (seven a side), bake scones or assemble a small model aircraft (suitable ages 7 and under),  or make a batch of chocolate crackles and deliver them to ChaosCentral.

The hall is filling, slowly, with refugees from the teams hall looking for a vantage point in the recall hall.  The cafe is doing a less than roaring trade, no doubt helped by the creative pricing of the food.  There is, of course, Subway about 50m down the road :)