Saturday 29 September 2012

Feis update - delayed :(

ChaosCentral has excelled itself in reaching a new high (or should that be low?) in confusion, multitasking and general mayhem.  After the completion of the presentations for the final solo sections of the competition, there were interview to be done (appearing on AIDA IDTV any time now), photo opportunities and the small matter of entering the results.

Having paused to breathe and enjoy the smouldering wreck of the previous plan for the afternoon, we can now report that the Senior 4 Hand Choreography is on stage.  Presentations for same will be around 1830CST.  In the interim, viewers should rely on the AIDA Twitter feed and Facebook page for updates as ChaosCentral will try to scam a free massage from the Body, Mind & Spirit show next door.  They may detect a spirit in need of maintenance :)

Tomorrow morning, ChaosCentral intends to sleep in (at least past 0600), have breakfast (once a week seems OK) and will arrive some time in the early afternoon.  Once again, your source of updates will be the AIDA Twitter feed and the AIDA Facebook page :)