Sunday, 16 September 2012

Feis update

Having moved rooms, photographed, updated photos and reorganised ourselves to within an inch (or 2.54cm) of our lives, we are back to give an update.  They are still dancing.

Perhaps more accurately, the 14 Years are now doing their soft shoe rounds and will soon progress to their set dances.  It must be that time of year as there have been several slips and shudders, all apparently due to diamante moulting.  Suspects are mainly the girls dresses, although there is some suspicion that the boys vests are getting more bling every competition!

We will probably have more presentations around 1500 and then the final section of the day!
We are running early or on time, depending on your point of view.

Another chocolate crackle made its way into our possession and was dispatched with thanks :)

Technical note:
Multiple 3G/4G modems from multiple carriers seems to help in the stability of LiveCam and LiveCommentary.  The 16 bars to photograph dancers on stage (a Jenny Bird speciality) certainly makes for an interesting challenge :)