Saturday 1 September 2012

Feis update

The hall is now warming up and the dancers are on stage doing their soft shoe rounds.  The hall is buzzing with activity - dancers on stage, people coming in and out from the practice areas and the sunshine outside, and a constant stream of people going to and from the canteen and other food options!  A gourmet food report is in order, we think.

ChaosCentral has been accompanied by a special helper, one who was entered to dance but due to the plague, isn't dancing :(  Instead she is socialising and gathering all the interesting gossip that will be sanitised and then brought to the attention of the reading public.

Back to feis matters, the beginner dancers have the luxury of a very large stage and a hall that is really quiet - not the people so much, but the floor surface.  people can move about and it makes almost no sound, which is great for all dancers.  Also, lots of proud parents are up the front in a specially reserved area videoing the beginner and primary dancers - what great memories they will have!