Sunday 2 September 2012

ChaosCentral has arrived at the airport

Once we receive the results from the afternoon sessions, we will post them here.

In the interim, a few thanks:

  • To Jess and Andrew Roberts for putting on such a wonderful feis, for providing good natured entertainment whenever we mention sheep, and for providing the marks to us electronically.
  • To The Roberts/Knight/Hoy families, who seem to generally run everything else behind the scenes from food to marks to marshalling and quite possibly, sheep.
  • To the SA teachers who made us welcome at the feis and helped us in our confusion with ID technical matters, such as what the grades are and the difference between hard shoe and soft shoe dances (still working on that last one).
  • And to Bianca Nicholls who looked after a plague-affected assistant and provided her with entertainment, pillows and general laughter.
Look forward to providing this service at the NSW State Ceili next Sunday, the Trinity Feis the Sunday after, and then on to the Nationals in Adelaide!