Sunday 9 September 2012

A belated welcome to the NSW State Ceili 2012

As you may recall, ChaosCentral has distinct problems providing LiveCommentary for Ceili dances because, well, there is little to say apart from "here is a team, here is another, here is a three hand with four dancers....." etc.  But we have, at least, been able to provide a new service - all 8 Hands are on LiveCam as they dance.

So, on to the competition....

Today we are at the Bankstown Sports Club, the first time we have visited this year.  A glorious Sydney spring day outside and we are once again inside for the day.  The auditorium is quite full, with the senior dancers this morning and the junior dancers after lunch.  Starting at a very civilised 10:00 this morning, we should be finished by 17:00 or so.

The program is as follows:

  • 10:00 Under 19 Open Ceili and Figures
  • 12:00 Under 16 Figures and Ceili
  • 13:45 Under 13 Ceili and Figures
  • 15:45 Under 9 and Under 11 Ceili
Our adjudicators are:
  • Charmaine Chase ADGCR (QLD)
  • Vicki Lynagh ADCGR (QLD)
  • Cheryl Young ADCRG (QLD)
So, we have a full house of QLD adjudicators!!

And music is by computer.