Sunday 24 July 2011

Welcome to Sunday at the Christchurch Competitions Society Feis!

Your correspondent awoke this morning expecting there to be snow on the ground - but it still appears to be in the air!  The temperature is yet to reach double figures and all the weather predictions are reporting snow to 100m (altitude, not depth) later today and tomorrow.  Luckily, the venue for the feis is at sea level, like almost all Christchurch, so probably not much likelihood of snow.  If there is and if dancers are practicing in it, you know where to find the photos first :)

Today's dancing programme is as follows:
0930 12-14 & 14-16
1300 Under 9 and 9-13 teams
1630 Contemporary classes

Our adjudicator is Mary McElroy ADCRG (Dublin).

The musician is iPod.