Saturday 2 July 2011

Some thoughts on time...

Time is a wonderfully abstract concept, it always seems to move forwards, except when one is thinking of the past, then it "appears" to move backwards. Irish Dancing time is a completely elastic concept in both flow and units of measurement, as any dancer or parent would know when a competition appears to be running within a completely different frame of reference from the outside or "real" world.

In the hall in which the feis is held a clock is prominently positioned on the wall in full view of the adjudicator and parents. Its version of time is about 90 minutes behind the "real" world which could serve to confuse the adjudicator and participants, or it could confirm that the feis is early or on-time. Or it could just be an ID-specific clock :)

As it is, the feis *is* on-time and running well, but the clock is like a refugee from Alice in Wonderland, beating to a rhythm that is all its own.

And back in the feis world, the soft shoe rounds are finished and the dancers are in marshalling for their set dances. Presentations will follow....and maybe lunch.