Saturday 23 July 2011

Feis update

It is cold!!!! ChaosCentral is used to the warm and dry environment of Sydney - OK, so that is a small joke as Sydney is so wet, people are getting pulled over for traffic offences by the Water Police and the ducks have moved out as there is too much water. But at least it is warm(ish).

Here in Christchurch the day has dawned cold and, well, cold. It is overcast with a threat of snow, it is cold (did I mention it is cold?) but there is no wind and no rain!

The dancers are competing on a real stage with real sound coming from their feet. As used to happen in Australia, there is no tarquet and the difference in sound is quite noticeable.

As there is a short break inb proceedings, your humble correspondent will venture into the wilds of the venue to bring you a gourmet food update.