Saturday 11 June 2011

The results are in...

The afternoon's results are in....

Under 12 Years Girls Championship

1st I. Fitzpatrick - Halloran
2nd C. Bone - Scoil Rince Ceide/Upton
3rd C. Crone - Scoil Rince Ceide/Upton
4th M. Rainsforth - McAleer
5th B.Pymm - WA Academy
6th P. Hillam - Kildunne
7th M. Fuller - McAleer
8th C. Loroneos - Christine Ayres
9th L. Ward - McAleer
10th L. Griffin - Miller
11th S. Forrester - Miller
12th E. Sansone - Adelaide Academy
13th E. Sumbler - Mulcahy Hayes
14th E. Bulloch - Jackson Williams
15th C. Brown - O'Connor
16th K. Campbell - Moran
17th P. Bishop - O'Connor

Well done girls!

The results for the boys are....

Under 13 Boys Championship

1st Breandan Henderson - Christine Ayres
2nd  Luke Chaumont - Walton
3rd Kieran Bryant - Halloran
4th Callum McGregor - Cosgriff
5th Declan Carr - Scoil Ard Rince
6th Christian Wardini - Halloran

Well done - a great section to watch!

Finally, The Under 13 Girls Championship...

1st Jordan Walters - Halloran
2nd Niamh Molloy - McAleer
3rd Ellen Rafferty - Scoil Ard Rince
4th Matilda Finchett - Mulcahy Hayes
5th Alexandra King - Cosgriff
6th Brittany Tyson - WA Academy
7th Jessica Patton - Christine Ayres
8th Stephanie Jane Phillips - Cosgriff
9th Tahlia Berry - McAleer
10th Bryanna Lodder - Christine Ayres
11th Hayley Lowe - O'Connor
12th Madeleine Fitzgerald - Scoil Rince Kilmurray
13th Kimberley Elliot - Adelaide Academy.

Well done to everyone - some great dancing this afternoon!!

The Under 14 Girls have just compenced - good luck to all.