Saturday 18 June 2011

Welcome to Saturday at the INDA Feis

An abbreviated LiveCommentary today as ChaosCentral is having a battle with some of the technology.

Today's competition is shorter than usual, with dancing finishing soon after lunch.  The projected timetable for today is as follows:
0845 9-12yrs Beginners, Primary, Elementary
1015 9-10yrs Intermediate, Open
1145 11-12yrs Intermediate, Open

The Adjudicator is Mary McElroy ADGRG Dublin, Ireland.

The musician is Apple :)

The Dwyer Whelan parents have put on a fabulous canteen, with home made (and I mean *really* home made) cakes, pies (Laura Spencer's pumpkin pie is, I believe, a standout) and other goodies.

For those who haven't been here before, Petersham Town Hall is a wonderful Art Deco space, lovingly restored and ideal for dancing competitions.  Well worth a look just to see the restoration and the ambience of the environment,