Sunday 12 June 2011

Sorry about the delay everyone - here are the results for this afternoons sections!!

U18 years girls

1st. E. McArthur - SR Kilmurray
2nd. S. McGuire - SR Ceide/Upton
3rd. D. Resiak - Simpson
4th. T. McGregor - Cosgriff
5th. H. O'Connor - Mulcahy-Hayes
6th. F. Thomas - Kavanagh
7th. M. Rafferty - Scoil Ard Rince
8th. H. Eve - Walton
9th. S. Dennis - Palmer
10th. F. McGing - Cosgriff
11th. L. Morris - Halloran
12th. E. Lenders - McAleer
13th. S. Peddell - SR ni Kelly

Congratulations ladies!!!

Under 19 years Girls

1st. N. Petracic - Halloran
2nd. L. Bittner - Watkins
3rd. M. Glover - SR Ceide/Upton
4th. . Daly - McAleer
5th. J. Baar - Aisling
6th. H. Delaney - McAleer
7th. C. Fuller - McAleer
8th. J. Blake - Christine Ayres
9th. G. Alfonso - Christine Ayres
10th. A. Ferguson - Christine Ayres
11th. H. Jackel - Christine Ayres
12th. N. Forrester - Rabusin
13th. L. McBride - McAleer
14th. G. Watson - Adelaide Academy
15th. J. Hine - Roberts

Under 20 years Ladies Cahmpionships

1st. C. Becerra - SR Kilmurray
2nd. K. Moloney - Scoil Ard Rince
3rd. K. Lang - SR Kilmurray
4th. A. Bryant - Halloran
5th. R. Lindon - Howe
6th. K. Loritsch - McAleer
7th. D. Resiak - Simpson
8th. A. McGing - Cosgriff
9th. V. Fitzpatrick - O'Connor

Congratultions to all of the ladies who competed this afternoon! The dancing was fabulous!!