Sunday 6 June 2010

Gold Coast Feis wrap-up

ChaosCentral has arrived back home and is trying to get the photos onto - expect that close to midnight.

It was a fabulous feis - good natured, fantastic food at the venue and great parking, staff that went out of their way to make tasks easy for the organisers - and great trophies for all age groups.

A big thank-you to the organisers for inviting me to come and provide LiveCommentary, LiveCam and to generally run around and photograph everything that moves - or doesn't, as the case may be.

Another big thank-you to Channelle Davis who volunteered to do the LiveCommentary for a couple of hours on Saturday, then was chained to the computer by me for the rest of the day and Sunday too.  Also, thanks to her mother, Liz, who stepped-in when Channelle broke free and escaped to the bar some time on Sunday.

And I apologise for the break in LiveCam at the end of the evening, but I did need to get to the airport and only made it with minutes to spare.  Next time, I will stay the extra night!

LiveCommentary and LiveCam will next be online at the MacAleer Feis - see you there.