Saturday 12 June 2010

7 Years Girls results / 6 years boys results

7 Girls Results

1st. Louise Hewitt, O'Connor
2nd. Dominique Hanley-Leonard, Cosgriff
3rd. Breanne Kelly, Rabusin
4th. Charlie Bolwerk-Kelly, Cosgriff
5th. Thea Grech, Breen Kerr
6th. Ruby Jane McLachlan, Kay-Hallissey NZ
7th. Dior Garbellotto, Moran
8th. Clare McCurdy, McAleer
9th. Grace Layton, O'Connor
10th. Cody O'Connor, O'Connor

6 Years boys result!

1st. Riley Miszkurka-Morrison, Rabusin

All champion winners are invited to come back tonight to dance in the DANCE OF CHAMPIONS for today (And our 6 years boy winner has informed Miss Fiona he has a day off tomorrow so should be able to make it :)!!)

Next results to come soon....