Saturday 15 May 2010

Feis update

At last!!!  The cafe has opened and the first caffeine fix of the day has arrived.  Along with a toasted ham and cheese croissant, breakfast is now done!

The 8 years and under are on stage now and, if you are watching LiveCam, you cans see them in marshalling.  However, die to the poor light, you might need the eyesight of an owl to pick up details....perhaps I need a better low-light camera?

This section is dancing three at a time on the stage and there is a small but attentive crowd watching them.  There are also quite a few new dancing parent here, getting into the swing of the feis scene and enjoying the atmosphere.  A quick scan of the auditorium finds five fathers...the numbers are slowly increasing :)

The dancers are now returning to marshalling ready for their soft shoe dances.