Friday 2 October 2009

Team #23 is dancing, and the Under 16 Mixed 8 Hand has been called to marshalling

In the warm-up hall, it has warmed-down again. Helped by the decrease in people, and the arctic wind that blows through from the front doors to the back doors, it is now approaching single digit temperature again.

The clever people, that is, everyone other than your live commentary team, have retired to the main food court where they can be warmed by the air flowing from the heated main arena, the reflected heat from the hot-food counter and deep fryers or, failing that, the bar that dispenses heat in liquid form.

Camps of itinerant team members are littered across the warm-up hall floor like patches of daisies in a field. OK, so it may not be WB Yeats, but it is easier than posting another photo :)