Friday 5 August 2016

Senior Boys 15 Years Championship and Senior Girls 15 Years Championship

Senior Boys 15 Years Championship
Bob Struthers Memorial Trophy Donated by Charmaine May ADCRG
1st 3 Nicholas Bakopoulos-Cooke FGMA
2nd 2 Brendan Tracey Carroll
3rd 1 Thomas Kearney Currie Henderson
Senior Girls 15 Years Championship
The Currie & Byrne Memorial Trophy & the Dwyer-Whelan Tiara
1st 5 Chanel Wardini Halloran
2nd 25 Siobhan Lo McBrearty
3rd 34 Niamh Gallagher Halloran
4th 6 Teisha  Hedges Bird
5th 11 Rachel White Halloran
6th 9 Roisin  McHale Cox
7th 28 Roisin Bolwell Halloran
8th 29 Jade Abbey Carey
9th 33 Niamh Mack Carey
10th 2 Michaela Mason Wollongong
11th 4 Ellie Borg Carey
12th 20 Ebony McMartin Halloran
=13th 24 Georgia Robinson Carey
=13th 35 Elizabeth Wakeling Maher
15th 23 Isobel Kanaley Dwyer Whelan
16th 10 Gabrielle Irving Creer
17th 22 Katherine Wakeling Maher
18th 18 Gabrielle Gold Walton
19th 12 Lara Cole Reilly
20th 8 Alannah Frawley Wollongong
21st 30 Julia Pepping FGMA
22nd 26 Amy Mountford Creer
23rd 7 Mairead Ward Maher
24th 32 Kate Woodbury Carroll
25th 17 Ellie Lewis Champion
26th 16 Matisse  Fowler Currie Henderson
27th 27 Hannah Michel Carroll
28th 1 Abbey Fisher Le Nor
29th 31 Madeline Bain Gra Na Rince
30th 3 Isabelle  Dankers Walton